If you've never been to a Mountaineer football game, you're missing out.

At WVU, we’re lucky to have one of the nation’s best traditions – the singing of “Country Roads.” Did you know: fans around the world ranked it as the 10th-best college football tradition? Yep, it’s that cool.
“Take Me Home, Country Roads,” the song sung by John Denver, has been performed at every home football since 1972. After victories in Milan Puskar Stadium, fans stay, join together in a sway and shout the lyrics of the song.
In 1980, Denver himself performed his hit song during pre-game festivities to a sold-out crowd of Mountaineer fans – a memory your parents might cherish if they grew up cheering on WVU.
In addition, students sing “Country Roads” in their first weekend at New Student Welcome and in their last weekend at Commencement.

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